I wanted to have a book blog dedicated to international literary fiction, then I realized that I spend too much time eating to ever have time for that.

Review Policy:

I indicate in the tags if the book was sent to me by a publisher for a review. NetGalley books, for instance, will be tagged as such. I will never publish a paid review.

Please email me at sara d gore at gmail (but without the spaces) to ask if I would be willing to review a book.  A quick glance at the books listed on my review tag can give you a glimpse of what I enjoy. As implied by the blog subtitle, I review literature and cookbooks.  I try not to review books I don’t like or suspect I won’t like. I don’t do this to be an agent of smarm; I do this to save my own time. Life is too short for me to tell you why I think this book is 3 stars when everyone else thinks it’s a 5 unless there’s an important cultural decision at stake. The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim.

I also love to review cookbooks! My only caveat is that I am vegetarian and will only test vegetarian recipes. That being said, my favorite cookbook of 2012 was the omnivorous Asian Tofu, so it doesn’t need to be strictly vegetarian for me to enjoy it.

I use adult language. If you do not want your novel associated with sex, alcohol, or inappropriate uses of food–in short, anything fun–then it might be best to find another reviewer, or at least warn me.


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