VeganMofo: Vegan Soul Kitchen

For the month of September, this blog will be devoted to VeganMofo. Tune in while I provide short reviews of some of my favorite, and least favorite, vegan cookbooks. If you are new to Libromancy, please check out some of my non-cookbook reviews, such as my review of Pacific by Tom Drury


A few recipes and other reviews to whet your appetite:

Bryant Terry as a guest on The Splendid Table discussing his book

Citrus Collards with Raisins, Redux: Terry considers this the keystone recipe of his book, the one that best exemplifies what he calls Afro-Diasporic cuisine.

Holy Cow! tests the Black-eyed Pea Fritters and Sweet Potato Puree with Coconut Milk

Vegetate has beautiful photos of Chocolate-Orange Pudding, BBQ Tempeh, and more

Your Vegan Mom raves about the book and tries out the Johnny Blaze Cakes

Vegan Noodle has tried a ton of the recipes, with photos


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